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Friday, May 30, 2008

Today Is My Last Day.........

Today was my last day in office. Its kind of funny how you get used to doing something. Now that I have finished my tenure @ Go4customer.More than anything, I think I will miss the Cool work-culture at G4C.However, I also believe that once things start getting too comfortable, its time to move on…
As I leave the office, I would like to extend a thank you to the people I work with and have worked with during my four months at G4C. Working here has never seemed like work, but instead a large, challenging mental exercise among people I enjoy.
The pressure was intense and I wasn’t just gonna try and go on and on, you know, until finally--

I will always remember few of my colleagues from here. At first I wanna name my manager Sanjay Joshi. Its a fortune to get a manager like him. He does not pressurize on his subordinates but makes them do the work in timely manner. I can remember some time when he got angry to me or showed his annoyance upon me but as a manager it is necessity.

My friends and my trainer like Mike and Alen and my best friend over here Neeraj.
We all worked as a team.Some time there was some misunderstandings but is happens everywhere.I always share my thoughts with Neeraj and he also do so with me(i think so..).He is a nice guy

I also have a lot of preparations that demand my attention.I better start packing!!

Delhi…here I come!

I can say that I am not independent because i will be always bounded with the emotions which I got here......


Alen said...

Glad to find your sweet thoughts on this short para'!! I am blessed to find PPP and Go4c as one of the best experience in my career and lifestyle...I juz thank Sanjay sir and my friends in team for the love they shared.God bless u all!! Grow each day so that the world(including urself) may be amazed of your growth and achievements!