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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Meaning of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P

”F" is for Fun....That friends share when they are together.

"R" is for Reliability....A true friend is someone that you can always rely on.

"I" is for Interest....Someone who is genuinely interested in you, your fears, joys, and life.

"E" is for Energy....They pick you up when you are down, and give you the energy to go on and believe in yourself.

"N" is for Nothing....Nothing is ever too much, no matter what time it is, night or day.

"D" is for Distance....Although the miles may separate you, a true friend is never far away.

"S" is for Secrets....Your feelings and personal/private thoughts that you can only share with a friend.

"H" is for Happiness....The way I feel when we are together.

"I" is for Inseparable....Through good times and bad, tears and laughter. A friend will always be there for you.

"P" is for Perfect...

A True Love

A true lover is:-
1> The 1 who says u r beautiful instead of sexy
2> The 1 who calls u back when u cut da phone in anger
3> The 1 who stays awake just 2 watch u sleep
4> The 1 who kisses ur forehead instead of lips
5> The 1 who holds ur hand 2 his heart and not ur waist in a social gathering
6> The 1 who can show the world what u mean 2 him

Monday, March 2, 2009

A nice Blog....

Hi my friends have a look at this blog

I really like the blog, specially thr video`s which we can see in this blog.....
And the way this guy is maintaining the site is really great...

I am Back In World of Blogging.......:-)

Hello my friends....

Its been a long time, When I was dedicated toward blogging....And I know that this world is very intresting..
I was busy in fulfilling my other responsibilities..I take Mat Exam and did well in that and scored 92 percentile.....Now I am back and will try to do good in this field also...

Enjoy reading my blog..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Is Celebration ??

Celebration means……

Four friends.

Bahar barsaat.

no raincoat, no umbrella

Celebration means……

Hundred bucks of petrol.

A rusty old bike.

And an open road.

Celebration means……

Maggi noodles.

A hostel room.

4.25 a. m.

Celebration means……

3 old friends.

3 separate cities.

3 coffee mugs.

1 internet messenger.

Celebration means……

Rain on a hot tin roof.

Pakoras deep-frying.

Neighbors dropping in.

A party.

Celebration means……

You and mom.

A summer night.

A bottle of coconut oil.

A head massage.

You can spend

Hundreds on birthdays,

Thousands on festivals,

Lakhs on weddings,

but to

Celebrate all you have to do is spend your Time with your loved ones.

Keep in touch with those who care for you…

Friday, October 24, 2008

Inflation declines further to 11.07%

This week also continuing with its declining trend, the annual Wholesale Price Index-based inflation rose 11.07 per cent during the week ended October 11, below the previous week's annual rise of 11.44 per cent, on account of an across-the-board dip in inflation levels, Government data showed on Thursday.
Last year this week inflation was at 3.07 per cent.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Inflation declined marginally to 12.40 percent for the week ended August 16

Inflation declined marginally to 12.40 percent for the week ended August 16 following a dip in prices of vegetables, meat and cement, which the Finance Ministry described as “early signs of moderation” in prices.

The 0.23 per cent dip from 12.63 per cent in the previous week is the first time that inflation has fallen in a month. It was 3.99 per cent during the corresponding week a year ago.

“There are some early signs of moderation of inflation,” the Finance Ministry said in a statement, adding that in the primary articles group 21 out of total 98 articles have shown decline in prices and there was no increase in prices of another 48 articles.

The last time inflation fell was when it dipped from 11.91 per cent to 11.89 per cent in the week ended July 12. In addition to vegetables, meat, egg and fish, the index of fuel and power items too declined by 1 per cent.

Prices of certain essential commodities like pulses, fruits, spices and iron and steel, however, continued to move up during the week. The increase was due to higher prices of sugar, pulses (moon, massor, urad and gram and dry chillis), the Finance Ministry statement said.

The annual rate of inflation for the week ended June 21, a fortnight after the government increased the prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas, was revised from 11.89 per cent to 11.91 per cent.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vacation Time...Beach Time

Almost every coastal areas are tasked to monitor their beaches and then report their findings to the public as well as the appropriate government agency. Unfortunately there is not a standardized way to monitor or report to the public and therefore getting up to the minute information can be a little frustrating for the consumer.

Monday, July 28, 2008


How careful was I, when I took my way,Each trifle under truest bars to thrust,That to my use it might unused stayFrom hands of falsehood, in sure wards of trust!But thou, to whom my jewels trifles are,Most worthy of comfort, now my greatest grief,Thou, best of dearest and mine only care,Art left the prey of every vulgar thief.Thee have I not lock'd up in any chest,Save where thou art not, though I feel thou art,Within the gentle closure of my breast,From whence at pleasure thou mayst come and part;And even thence thou wilt be stol'n, I fear,For truth proves thievish for a prize so dear.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

10 Ways to Improve Your Technical Skills...

IT’s important to develop your technical skills as an integral part of your personal development efforts. Strong technical skills can save you time, increase your income, and enable you to extract the most bang-per-buck from your technology purchases.

1. Technical books

One of the best ways to improve your technical skills is by reading books. As a teenager I used to buy computer books at the local bookstore. Today it’s far better to shop online because you can more easily find the true gems and avoid the lemons. Visit, search for a book on a particular topic you wish to learn, and check the reviews and ratings. Look for books with at least 4 out of 5 stars (I usually don’t buy any with less than 4.5 stars). Take advantage of Amazon’s browsing features to quickly find the best books in any field.

2. Online tutorials

The advantage of online tutorials over books is that they’re accessible, timely, and of course free. The disadvantage is that they usually aren’t professionally edited, which can leave them lacking in completeness and/or clarity. However, they often sport other features like abundant interlinking, user comments, and interactive demos. Sometimes the comments are better than the original information, since they can contain lots of additional tips and suggestions. I find this is particularly true of reference sites like (a reference site for PHP).

3. Spend time with experts

If you spend enough time with technical people, some of their knowledge will rub off on you. Even geeks learn from other geeks, but if you aren’t much of a geek yourself, a great way to accelerate the development of your technical skills is to join a local computer club or users group. Use APCUG (Association of Personal Computer User Groups) and/or WUGNET (Windows Users Group Network) to find a group near you. Such groups usually welcome new members of any skill level. Contact one of them and attend a meeting as a guest to see if you like it.

4. Subscribe to technical magazines

Technical magazines used to be one of my favorite outlets for learning, but I cancelled all my magazine subscriptions years ago. During the early 80s, I spent many long hours typing in BASIC programs from Family Computing and similar magazines (it took me a long time because I hadn’t yet learned to type). While I think print magazines are less useful today — the same info can often be found online for free – they’re an inexpensive way to improve your general technical skills, especially if you’re unlikely to push yourself in other ways. The professional editing and experienced writers are a big plus.

5. Take classes

If group learning is your thing, look for college extension courses and other classroom and workshop offerings in your area.

A key advantage of classroom learning is the opportunity to interact with an experienced educator. Teachers with decades of experience know plenty of educational distinctions you won’t find in books or online tutorials. And unlike many technical writers, they know how to teach.

If you really want the degree, consider going to college and majoring in a technical subject. I earned Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. But given my path after college, these degrees were unnecessary busywork rather than practical skill building. I started learning to program when I was 10 years old, and while I did pick up some additional distinctions in college, it would have been a better use of my time to skip college altogether and learn the info on my own. In the long run, I found my math and physics classes far more useful than my computer science ones — my knowledge of the former didn’t become obsolete so rapidly.

6. Create your own web site

Long-term readers of this site know I’m a big fan of experiential learning. Setting a goal to create a basic web site is a great way to learn practical skills like HTML and CSS. When you have a compelling reason to learn, your goals will accelerate your learning, and you’ll learn with a focus on practical application.

7. Build your own PC

If you want to develop better hardware skills, a great project is to build your own PC from scratch. I did this in 2007 and found it very rewarding. You’ll save money, learn a lot about how your computer works, and end up with a nicely customized machine that you can easily upgrade. After all the components arrived, it took me about a day to assemble everything and install the necessary software. This may or may not be a good use of your time, but I found it worthwhile for the experience. I still use this same PC today, and it’s plenty fast enough for my needs.

A detailed, novice-friendly, step-by-step tutorial I used can be found at My Super PC. I used to find the best online prices for all the components, which beat local retail prices by about 30% on average. I remember buying several components from

If this project makes you nervous, I wouldn’t recommend it. But if you feel comfortable researching and selecting components and carefully following assembly directions, it’s a rewarding way to spend a day.

8. Embrace a variety of software

General software productivity improves with breadth of experience, so use many different software programs (online or offline) to improve your overall ability to get things done through software. I started using software in 1981, and such broad experience makes it easy for me to learn new applications quickly. I usually dive in and start using them without going through the tutorials or reading the manual. This saves me a lot of time and makes it easier for me to justify the effort of installing new software and upgrading old software.

Branch out from software myopia, and experience the full richness of using many different interfaces. You’ll learn a lot about interface design from image editing programs, programming tools, and of course computer games. The greater the variety of interfaces you experience, the faster you’ll be able to learn and master each new program you use.

9. Learn to program

Programming is the art of instructing a computer to perform a task. The key to accomplishing this feat is learning to think like a computer. Programming is one of the most mentally challenging tasks a human being can perform, but nothing compares to the satisfaction of engineering a piece of code to solve a specific problem. Ask any programmer. :)

I learned to program in BASIC at age 10 and later went on to learn over a dozen programming languages. The challenge of developing my logic and analytical skills at such a young age has served me well my entire life, even in seemingly non-technical pursuits.

For example, I tackle many personal development problems with a programmer’s mindset. How do we define the problem? What are the possible solutions? Which solution best meets our constraints? What are the instruction steps to implement the solution? Does the solution produce the desired output? Can we make this solution more elegant or optimal? I’ve taken the common programming process of requirements gathering, architecture, design, coding, debugging, and optimization and applied it to personal development.

While humans certainly aren’t as precise or predictable as machines — we have major compatibility issues, sometimes even with ourselves — a programmer’s mindset can generate effective solutions to very human problems. Intuition is a big factor in both personal development and programming, but I like that there’s a structured fallback process that works in both fields. It’s much harder to use this process in personal development though because we know how a computer thinks, but we’re still figuring out how humans think.

10. ..............................................?


Monday, July 14, 2008

Me lonly

Whenever i feels that i am alone in this world then i think of GOD.And another thing for which i can think is this song......

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Eyes do not sense the beauty !{2}

Beauty should be in your mind not in to your eyes.Yes !!What your eyes can do.What work do your eyes do ?Ask this yourself !You would definitely find the answer to this question.It's up to you my dear.For an instance you meet a person who is dark in color.You would rather say he/she is not beautiful.That is what (Color) that you could recognize of that person.You did not consider his/her behavior when you were asked to talk about his/her beauty.You consider the dark color of that person not the behavioral part of that person.Is physical beauty everything for us ?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Eyes do not sense the beauty !.

Hi All !
After a long time i am again coming with an interesting topic related to life.That topic is 'Eyes do not sense the beauty' because the reason is eyes can help you in seeing the things physically nothing else.It is your mind that tells you exactly about the beauty.If you have a beautiful mentality then you would certainly find some good things in bad things.If you do not have a positive attitude of taking the things then you would often like to enumerate the disadvantage or demerits of the things.
To read more click Anup

Friday, May 30, 2008

Today Is My Last Day.........

Today was my last day in office. Its kind of funny how you get used to doing something. Now that I have finished my tenure @ Go4customer.More than anything, I think I will miss the Cool work-culture at G4C.However, I also believe that once things start getting too comfortable, its time to move on…
As I leave the office, I would like to extend a thank you to the people I work with and have worked with during my four months at G4C. Working here has never seemed like work, but instead a large, challenging mental exercise among people I enjoy.
The pressure was intense and I wasn’t just gonna try and go on and on, you know, until finally--

I will always remember few of my colleagues from here. At first I wanna name my manager Sanjay Joshi. Its a fortune to get a manager like him. He does not pressurize on his subordinates but makes them do the work in timely manner. I can remember some time when he got angry to me or showed his annoyance upon me but as a manager it is necessity.

My friends and my trainer like Mike and Alen and my best friend over here Neeraj.
We all worked as a team.Some time there was some misunderstandings but is happens everywhere.I always share my thoughts with Neeraj and he also do so with me(i think so..).He is a nice guy

I also have a lot of preparations that demand my attention.I better start packing!!

Delhi…here I come!

I can say that I am not independent because i will be always bounded with the emotions which I got here......

Decision making.......

Decision making is something that each of us are faced with on a daily basis.

According to, Decision makers can be categorized in three groups. These groups correlate with a traffic stoplight.

Red lights - These are individuals who often feel frozen in fear when faced with making a decision. They are resistant to change and have great difficulty making decisions. They tend to have to have the rug pulled out from under them before they will move to safer ground.

Yellow lights - These people are caution oriented individuals who will look both ways before venturing into the traffic. They will weigh the pros and cons of any given situation before deciding.

Green lights - Here are the adventuresome type. They leap without looking, figuring that all will go well (they have the right-of-way after all). These people could use a refresher course in defensive driving as they do get themselves in sticky predicaments at times.


Here is a genuine psychological type test from the BBC.
It will take about 10 minutes to complete.
Do not attempt to give me the full results of your test as they are quite detailed.
Near the top are three little “slider” line graphs one of which will show your final overall score.

How did you score?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Seven Minutes of Peril-NASA scientists

The Phoenix Lander successfully touched down on Mars yesterday at about 7:40 pm EDT . The NASA scientists called the descent "Seven Minutes of Peril" and the Lander survived it with aplomb. The NASA scientists watched the data pouring in from the Lander and were happy to know it landed successfully without any hitch. All the hard work and time spent for this mission paid of well in the end.

It was able to deploy the parachute as planned and it discarded the parachute and fired it thrusters few thousand meters from the Mars’ surface and landed safely.

In the coming days the Phoenix Lander will sample the soil and ice and see whether any organic materials are present now or were in the past.

The video shows the animation sequence of how the Phoenix Lander will arrive at Mars.

No video of its landing was shown but they were able to get data directly from the Lander and from the orbiting Mars Odyssey and the data showed all is well now with the Lander.

It will explore the soil for the next three months.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Examination Postponed......

Today morning, when i saw news paper.There was a news regarding our our examination.When i read that, I came to know that my first examination for financial management was postponed due to some strike of Gurjar`s. It was a sad news for us because we prepared our best for that exam.
Any it happens in our life.Some time we tries our best for a particular thing and that thing does`t happen.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Terrorist`s Day Tuesday

Yesterday evening, I was working in my company.Immediately a friend of mine came to me and said that there are serial BOMB BLASTS in our city Jaipur.It was a shocking news of each and every person who was in Jaipur.Rajasthan (a state of India) is one of the peaceful city in India.It really hurts that now it is under terror`s eye.
There were 9 Bomb Blasts with in 13 Min.Just in 13 minutes, more than 100 people lost there life's.
I immediately rushed for my cell phone and called my brother but all the lines were distracted.Government announced red alert in the city, all the roads were blocked.Police have arrested few people and investigating for clues.

May GOD give rest to there souls!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

About Baldness

How you feel when you see your hair loss and you are unable to do anything.I think it really hurts when some one can not have control on his/her assets. According to UK studies men living in contaminitated areas are more likely to go baldthan those breathing cleaner air.Some think that baldness is a heredity, yes it is.But your living,your atmosphere also plays an important role in baldness.

So, be careful my friends.You may be the next person........

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Mother's Words......

When Mother Say God Listen
My Child,
I have given you the key, That leads to your need for independence, Unlocking you from the chains of commitment.I advise you not the abuse the key, Fleeing from your dungeon will only lead you down a one way street, One you cannot turn back on.As the road bends, Your journey will transform, from independence to solitude. And again, turning, curving, changing into loneliness.Your journey will change your mindset, As well as your key. You will long to be chained in your dungeon, from which you fled, But your key will never fit in the same way again.

Nothing In This World Is As Big As Mother`s Words

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Question Mark..........?

Some Questions for you:-
Can you attempt these questions?
What is there in man's mind?
What force doth linger there?
What rewards are there in hate?
The rivers flowing red?
The ruins of cities fair?
Or peace should men await?
What prompts man to seek fulfillment,
In power that would destroy,
When love can heal the strife,
When love men would employ?
Do you love your neighbor as yourself?

Do You have any answer?
Oops...............another question

Monday, April 28, 2008


It is about more than one month when, I joined a company.It is a BPO company.I am getting great experience here.As it is my first job, I am trying to learn a lot of new things. My frind I want to tell you one thing that you should be very careful,Because in companies there is a great politics.You should be very careful on your each and every step.
The only thing I want to say is that there are no immotions in corporate world, so always trust in your work. If you want to know about my campain then click Neeraj , Alen John , Anup . ME.
All my friends are very nice person.They always help me in my work.God bless them
Ok Enjoy Reading My Experience................

Friday, April 25, 2008

About My First Interview

Hi, today I want to discuss some thing about my first job. Two months back I give interview in Go4Customer and one of the hr executive rejected me.Then after i prepared my mind and vows that the same executive will select me.I joined a voice and accent training center to improve my communication skills. After one month i again gave interview and the same HR. executive selected me....
I learnt a lot from this incident.We should always keeps on trying and trying,It is very important to be a successful person in this World. These days I am trying to learn the economy of India and working in Stock Market.Say good luck to me........